news Saturday, June 20, 2015 - 05:30
The Tamil Nadu government has given Greenpeace India seven days to explain to them why its society registration as an organization should not be cancelled in the state. In a notice dated June 16 issued to Greenpeace, the District Registrar in Chennai said that there was a discrepancy in the accounts provided by the organisation . Stating that the organisation had breached the¬† the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Socieites Registration Act, it said that an inspection at the Greenpeace office in Chennai on June 3 had revealed falsification of accounts . The inspection had been conducted as a part of operations while looking into the organisation's society status. ¬† Snapshot of the notice issued to Greenpeace India by the District Registrar "According to the result of the enquiry, the society does not seem to be functioning independently but under control of ‚ÄúStitching Green Peace Council ‚Äú of Netherlands‚Ķ This society has received crores of Rupees from foreign countries. There is discrepancy in the account between the details of the foreign donation furnished by the society in Form FC III/FC VI to Government of India and that of the details furnished in the annual reports submitted to the Regsitrar of Societes Under the Tamil nadu Societies Registration Act , 1975, which suggest fraudulent dealings," said the show-cause notice It then gave the organisation a deadline of seven days from the receipt of the notice explaining why society registration for the organisation should not be cancelled. However, in turn, Greenpeace Program Director, Divya Raghunandan said that the discrepancies were because the government was inspecting two different documents referrring to funds as received under the rules of the¬†the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, and the other as given by domesitc contributors. ‚ÄúGreenpeace respects the law and we have cooperated with the authorities. We are confident that we will be able to address the issues raised by the Registrar and prove beyond doubt we have acted within the law,‚ÄĚ Greenpeace India programme director Divya Raghunandan said. Greenpeace India also believed that this is a part of a larger attack on the organisation by the government. The notice comes in the wake of a series of clampdowns against the organisation in the last year. ¬†In April, the Home Ministry had blocked the organisation's access to its foreign funds from Greenpeace International .¬† Accounts of Greenpeace India were frozen and their license suspended for six monthts ¬†following allegations that the organisation had "prejudicially" affected India's economic and public interests. It had also been issued a notice by the government asking why its registration should not be permanently cancelled. ¬† ¬† ¬†