A company's mission is also seen as an important positive factor

This is what Indian job-seekers want most from their next job
news Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 10:24
Written by  PTI

Nearly 50 per cent professionals in the country are ready to forgo a top position with high salary for flexible working arrangements, says a LinkedIn survey.

"A flexible work schedule and ability to work remotely are increasingly important perks for Indian professionals (66 per cent). Moreover, 48 per cent Indian professionals say that they would forgo a top position and a high salary for more flexibility," the LinkedIn's 'Top Attractors' survey revealed.

The survey also found that strong healthcare benefits (58 per cent) and emphasis on team building and professional development (52 per cent) are also cited as important incentives.

"It is clear that Indian professionals are now looking for more than just a good salary package when deciding which companies they want to work for. Career growth opportunities, a company mission they believe in and brand values that they respect are key career considerations for talent.

"It is, therefore, important that employers continue to build and invest in an employer brand that relates to, and resonates with both potential and existing employees," LinkedIn India Director Talent Solutions Irfan Abdulla said.

The survey was conducted online among 6,266 workers globally, including 1,005 workers in India, between May 18 and May 23, 2016. The survey was conducted in India, the US, the UK, Brazil, Australia and France.

The top three things Indian professionals look for in an employer of choice are - opportunity for (career) growth (79 per cent), a competitive salary (69 per cent) and a healthy business (62 per cent).

Interestingly, growth opportunity matters more to women professionals (83 per cent) than men (79 per cent).

A company's mission is also seen as an important positive factor for Indian professionals when deciding between companies to join.

About 51 per cent of professionals in India, compared to the global average of 37.5 per cent, said they choose to join a company based on its mission and values.

Interestingly, 52 per cent are willing to take a cut in their compensation if the company's mission resonates with their beliefs and values, it added.

Although India is a growing hub for start-ups, 51 per cent Indian professionals are still attracted to big companies and only 8 per cent find start-ups attractive.

Job stability (75 per cent), association with a recognised brand (74 per cent) and higher salary (73 per cent) are the key reasons for choosing to work for big companies.

Job stability is more attractive for Indian women professionals (81 per cent) than men (74 per cent), it said.