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The News Minute | September 4, 2014 | 9 pm IST Twitter users were obviously not going to leave this one alone. Give up a chance to make sarcastic comments about the idea that a school would test students on the contents of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech?  On Thursday a Twitter user uploaded the image of a circular sent out by Bal Bharti School in Noida, telling parents to “strictly” ensure that their children watched/listened to the prime minister’s speech. It also informed them that the children would be asked two-mark questions on it during the exams. Read: Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone! Since then the hashtage ModiExams has been trending on Twitter. Even though the school had said it would test the students on the prime minister’s speech, for twitter users everybody is fair game: Starting with the first prime minister of the country Jawaharlal Nehru, right up to the newly elected Modi. Somehow, Game of Thrones also made it to the list Here’s a select few of the comments being made: #ModiExams Explain why the crowd at Wankhede booed Rahul Gandhi and chanted 'Modi'? — Santosh (@SaffronZeppelin) September 4, 2014 What is the similarity between the winter of Game of Thrones,Achche Din and Kala Dhan? (25 marks)#ModiExams — Yogi Scotchynath (@scotchism) September 4, 2014 Name Modi's cabinet minister who planned a fast unto death to protest against Modi for 2002 riots. Hint: She has a Yale degree. #ModiExams — Bohemian Rosie (@yumjaoleima) September 4, 2014 How much cloth of 1mtr width will be required to stitch a shirt for Modi's 56 inches chest?#ModiExams — Gaurav (@bwoyblunder) September 4, 2014 Here's an example of a question for maths:  Express 282/44 in its lowest form #ModiExams — Gaurav (@bwoyblunder) September 4, 2014 HAHAHAHAHAHA RT @over_rated: “What is the velocity of Narendra Modi when he leaves a Karan Thapar interview?” (3 Marks) #ModiExams — TheComicProject (@thecomicproject) September 4, 2014 How does modi ji refer to people of the Republic when on trips abroad (a) mitron (b) friends (c) my secular friends back home#ModiExams — kanika gahlaut (@kanikagahlaut) September 4, 2014 Whose has the smaller waistline - Modi, Amit Shah or Nitin Gadkari ? #ModiExams (Hint:3 marks for Modi,2 marks for Shah,1 mark for Gadkari) — TheComicProject (@thecomicproject) September 4, 2014