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The News Minute| September 13, 2014| 10.20 pm IST Thirteen years ago, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe started a search. She wanted to track down the owner of a wedding photograph with a bride, groom and four guests, recovered from Ground Zero of 9/11 attacks.  She wanted to learn their fate and reunite them with the precious memory — if they were still alive, reports News.au On September 12, she tweeted the picture, in the hope that someone will identify one of the six people in the picture. Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT pic.twitter.com/mZ9LdQqE7x — E. Stringer Keefe (@ProfKeefe) September 12, 2014 Unlike previous years, this time she got a reply.  @ProfKeefe @reddit please message me. I know someone in the photo. Thank you. — Jason (@gramercy17) September 12, 2014 Fred Mahe, a Colorado resident who used to live in Manhattan, was alerted by his friend Jason. The photo belonged to Mahe, and from him Keefe learnt that all the people in the photo are alive, further reports News.AU. Hey #Twitter meet #thegroom @CML! Hey Christian!!! #911photo #thisisthebest — E. Stringer Keefe (@ProfKeefe) September 13, 2014 Here's the happy ending in 140 characters: @gramercy17 alerted @FredWMahe about a post on @Gothamist. Fred connected w me via @LinkedIn. — E. Stringer Keefe (@ProfKeefe) September 13, 2014 OK, 280 characters: @FredWMahe worked in #WTC Tower 2, 77th Fl. Photo was in desk. It's from @CML's Aspen wedding! Amazing! #911photo — E. Stringer Keefe (@ProfKeefe) September 13, 2014 Read- Merin Joseph IPS deletes her Facebook account after her picture was wrongly posted as ACP Kochi and people went ballistic praising her 'beauty'.
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