‘We were not there to point fingers’: Revathi and Padmapriya to TNM on AMMA meet

Actors Revathi and Padmapriya, two members of the trio who represented WCC in the AMMA Executive Committee meeting, spoke to TNM.
‘We were not there to point fingers’: Revathi and Padmapriya to TNM on AMMA meet
‘We were not there to point fingers’: Revathi and Padmapriya to TNM on AMMA meet

Tuesday's crucial meeting with the AMMA Executive Committee (EC) has lead to a 'healthy and open discussion', concurred actors Revathi and Padmapriya of the WCC.

The two ladies, along with actor Parvathy, met with the AMMA EC at Crowne Plaza hotel in Kochi, to put forth the views of the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) on issues which included attempts to reinstate rape accused actor Dileep in the body.

Although the meeting was viewed as one between AMMA and WCC (the body of women which has been fighting for the survivor in the 2017 actor assault case), the trio asserted that they were there as AMMA members and not as WCC members.

"We were there as AMMA life members as we wanted to ask certain questions as members of that association. But our ideology, views, identity, concerns were all WCC. All of what we discussed was from a detailed document which was drafted by WCC members - Padmapriya, Vidhu Vincent, Bina and Anjali - which addressed a lot of points, legalities, demands and concerns. The fact that the EC even agreed to speak with us is perhaps due to the ripples created by WCC in the past few months," Revathy told TNM.

The actor even stated that the discussion was very open and healthy with the committee listening to the concerns listed in the document.

"We had done a lot of homework and the AMMA EC understood this. It was only because of this that I believe they heard us out. We were not there to point fingers. We were there with solutions," she added.

AMMA President and actor Mohanlal had also stated in Tuesday's press meet that the committee decided to make the functioning of the association more professional.

“Earlier, we did not have bylaws in the association that told us how to deal with crisis situations when it happened. We were not very serious as an association earlier because the situation did not warrant it. However, now we have decided to hold discussions, address concerns, revise bylaws and make it more professional," Mohanlal had said.

Actor Padmapriya who was also part of Tuesday's discussions told TNM that she hoped a positive outcome would arise out of the long discussion that the members had.

"I had never engaged in such an in-depth conversation with the committee before. We have never had such open talks, perhaps because there was never a crisis situation like the one we are seeing now. The result was positive with both sides hearing each other out and agreeing that a well-discussed stance had to be taken in the matter," she said.

The discussions have however now ended.

"The committee wants legal clarification on some points. They admitted that they had slipped up in the past and that they wanted to be very sure on the way forward. This is why they want to seek legal help with certain points," Revathi added.

It was also agreed that a general body meeting of AMMA would be convened to vote on the issues discussed in the EC meeting.

"We have discussed on the points on our agenda and asked them for a timeframe in which we can expect solutions to these concerns. Hopefully, we will receive a letter tomorrow from the committee on the timeframe," Revathi added.

The three members of the WCC had on their agenda four important questions -What AMMA has done for the welfare of the survivor as well as the safety of other members, particularly women? Why there was a lack support to the survivor who was also part of AMMA then. Why members of the association unofficially lent support to the rape-accused actor. How office-bearers were elected within the association (actor Parvathy had stated that she was discouraged from contesting in the elections to the AMMA EC earlier).

A Malayalam newspaper had reported that there was a rift within WCC. Denying this, Padmapriya said, "WCC members are members of many organisation and we will work within our organisations to address gender issues. WCC is an initiative to catalyse this change. Being part of WCC means that".


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