'We should not let them go': Rajinikanth slams cops involved in Jayaraj-Bennix death

Rajinikanth released a statement after Kovilpatti magistrate's statement explained how the policemen at Sathankulam behaved.
Rajinikanth condemns police action in Sathankulam custodial death
Rajinikanth condemns police action in Sathankulam custodial death
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Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth on Wednesday condemned the police excess in the Sathankulam father-son custodial death case and said that the police personnel involved in the case should get apt punishment.

In a social media post, the actor said, “When everybody, the entire human race, has been condemning the torture of the father and son duo, I was shocked to see how some police personnel spoke and behaved, even as they were in  the presence of the (Kovilpatti) magistrate. Everyone involved in this should get apt punishment. We should not let them go."

Along with the superstar, many film industry personalities have also extended their condemnation.

In a press note, Director Bharathiraja said “The anguish of the dead is not letting me sleep. Authority should not aid the death of innocent souls. The government should stand along with the affected people in this issue.”

“The police personnel have been working day and night without any isolation, by just wearing a mask during the lockdown and all the good work of all of them have been brought down by that one incident. Stopping the police involved in the incident from continuing the work is the justice we can give to the police department and the families of the victim,” he said.

In Twitter, national award winning director Vetrimaran said, “Honourable judges PN Prakash, P Pugazhendhi, Magistrate Bharathidasan and courageous Revathi, you have given us hope. We stand by you.”

Bennix died on June 22 complaining of chest pain in the custody of the Sathankulam police in Kovilpatti Government Hospital. His father Jayaraj also died within a few hours on June 23 in the same hospital. Justices PN Prakash and P Pugazhendhi of the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court, took the case up suo motu. 

The Kovilpatti Magistrate Bharathidasan was assigned with the task of recording the statement of the police personnel. When the Magistrate went to the Sathankulam station to record the statements, the police used derogatory terms against him and did not cooperate with the investigation.  The Magistrate in the Madras High Court said that a woman constable, an eyewitness, told him that she saw blood stains on the table and the lathis. Jayaraj and Bennix were beaten the whole night, she told the Magistrate.  

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