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The News Minute| November 4, 2014| 1.36 pm IST South Indians tired of explaining the difference between a Malayali and a Tamilian and a Kannadiga and a Telugu 'prajalu' to scores of the blissfully ignorant? Well, the answer to this rather annoying dilemma is here. A group of young comedians, calling themselves “Enna da Rascalas”, from the southern states of India have released a new Youtube video, explaining the difference between the four (Now, five) southern states of India. A song consisting of all four comedians representing the four major states, sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We dint start the fire”, makes for a colourful lesson on how to distinguish a Malyali from a Telgaite and a Tamilian from a Kannadiga. A much needed correction of the word “madrasi” forms the chorus of the song, teaching people (*cough* North Indians * cough *) who believe that South India is just one big state consisting of “madrasis” talking in Tamil, or worse “madrasi”, and eating idli sambar. The song goes on to even include Telangana as a new fifth state of the south. Witty and funny, this video comes, as much needed tool for informing people to remember their sixth grade geography lessons on the various and different states of India. The stereotyping of all south Indians as dark, lungi wearing “madrasis” definitely needs to change, just as much as the stereotype of all north Indians being butter chicken eating Punjabis. And this video seems to be a good start.