A resident of Bengaluru has written a poem with a message to the BBMP candidates who will fight for votes in the election tomorrow

We are as much to blame as you Member of Whitefield Rising breaks out with a poem to the BBMP candidatesIllustration by BG Sreedhhar
news Friday, August 21, 2015 - 11:49

Nidhi Pratapneni, who is part of the Whitefield Rising group in Bengaluru, wrote a poem targeting the candidates of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike elections which is due for August 22. The poem lists out past events that have created a frenzy yet, no corporator stepped out to help the Whitefield residents. She does not just stop with mocking the candidates, but says the residents are equally to be blamed as they are ignorant or indifferent and at most times both.

Read Nidhi's poem


You come around all dressed in white

And say that you bleed at our plight

“Please vote for me”, you pledge anew

And promise fixing all that’s due


And yet that day, pray where were you

When we cleaned streets and pavements too?

When lights went out near Forum Mall

Did you take note and make the call?


Why must we agitate and struggle 

To have our streets made clear of rubble?

When your constituents complain

Are you inured to all their pain?


It is to your benefit we know

To keep us in the dark and so

You do not aim to educate

You just leave people to their fate


The illiterate, unknowing poor

With toddy, TVs, grains you lure

And those who think, evaluate

Sit by and let you win the stakes


We are as much to blame as you

It’s been a partnership I think, don’t you

We’ve watched our TVs, turned our eyes

As you went on, capitalised


But must that be the status quo

Will not we stand and now say “No!”?

Must we let ourselves sink further low

By choosing to not ink, ignore?