The video which is 26 seconds long shows Dhasvanth making a run for it at around 3.43 pm on Thursday.

Watch TNM accesses footage of Hasinis killer Dhasvanth escaping from police
news Law Saturday, December 09, 2017 - 09:06

Hours after the Chennai police revealed that murder accused Dhasvanth has been caught again, TNM has accessed CCTV footage of his escape in Mumbai.

The video which is 26 seconds long shows Dhasvanth making a run for it at around 3.43 pm on Thursday. Three police officers in mufti are seen running behind him. Two of them are in lungi while one of them is wearing khakhi shorts.

On Thursday, a top police official had told TNM that he had escaped while he was being taken to the toilet. According to reports, Dhasvanth, who was handcuffed, had been taken to Hotel Satellite in Vile Parle area of Mumbai. While the accused’s escort was having lunch, Dhasvanth had reportedly pushed other police officers and managed to flee.   

This was the third time that the police had allowed Dhasvanth to escape. The 23-year-old techie is the main accused in the sexual assault and murder of 7-year-old Hasini. He is also a suspect in the murder of his 45-year-old mother Sarala. 

Dhasvanth was let off the hook the first time when the police arbitrarily used the Goondas Act and did not file the chargesheet on time, allowing him to get bail from the Madras High Court. 

The second time was when despite Hasini’s father’s complaint that Dhasvanth had threatened him, the police did not act on it. 

Days later, Dhasvanth allegedly killed his mother at their home in Chennai, and had run off with her jewellery. The third time was when in a major embarrassment, the special force that had apprehended him, allowed him to escape just a day later.

According to reports he was found a few kilometres from where he had escaped. Reports suggest that he will be produced before a magistrate in Mumbai on Friday before being brought to Chennai.

Police had suspected that Dhasvanth had taken a long-distance train from Chennai  and had been on his trail.

Dhashvanth's father has reportedly accused him of murdering his own mother, because he was irate that she refused to give him money.

Dhasvanth has been out on bail in the Hasini case since September. He procured bail on a technical ground after his father went to court claiming that the Chennai police cannot impose Goondas Act on him. In February this year, seven-year-old Hasini was found murdered and Dhasvanth was suspected of sexually assaulting her and then killing her.

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