Watch: Sivakumar smacks phone away from young man’s hand, memes flood the internet

If you don’t want a selfie, ‘vaaila gunama sollanum’ and don’t throw the mobile, reads one meme.
Watch: Sivakumar smacks phone away from young man’s hand, memes flood the internet
Watch: Sivakumar smacks phone away from young man’s hand, memes flood the internet
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Has actor Sivakumar taken to basketball in his leisure hours? Or is it badminton? Or is it practice with the ubiquitous electric mosquito bats? Whatever it is, Sivakumar’s rapid “action” at an inaugural event, where he swatted away a young man’s mobile phone, has succeeded in triggering condemnation on social media. And of course, memes!

We are not sure if Sivakumar broke the young man’s phone in the video that is being widely shared online but the internet sure is breaking with memes on the subject.

The video, that seems to have been shot before an event, shows actor Sivakumar losing his cool and slapping the phone away from the hands of a young man who was probably trying to click a selfie with the actor.

Sivakumar, who first walks forward with a smile to cut the ribbon, is quickly annoyed when he sees the young man absorbed in trying to click a selfie. After slapping the phone away from the youth’s hand, making it fall to the ground, the actor regains his composure while everyone around him is quite surprised by his vicious action.

Sivakumar’s high-handed response has not gone down well with social media users. Perhaps his talent could have been better used on a basketball court?

Markandeya Jordan? Image credit: Rajesh Rajamani

Sivakumar quite has the talent for overreach, despite all the yoga that he supposedly does.

One assumes that Sivakumar will not be pleased with Keerthy Suresh from Sandakozhi 2. 

Remember this scene from Ratsasan, when the cop asks the students if they have their mobiles with them? They'd have been way more afraid if Sivakumar had been the teacher to admit to it!

An outraged Sivakumar will not leave any mobile alone in his path.

The viral “vaaila gunama sollanaum” kid who became the poster child for anti-corporal punishment has some sane advice for Sivakumar. If you don’t want a selfie, say it nicely. Don’t throw the mobile.

Remember the famous Kaaka Muttai scene when the boy smacks a mobile phone off a train passenger’s hands? Yup, some sense of deja vu when we see the Sivakumar video.

Actor Suriya, Sivakumar’s son, is known for being pleasant with his fans. One imagines that he isn’t too thrilled with daddy’s actions.

Sivakumar is well-known for his Ramayana lecture series. Anyone wants a long-winded explanation for what he just did? No way, says the internet.

Sivakumar’s powers to move objects know no bounds. Even Chandramukhi may be stumped. 

Some pages also shared videos of other stars who’ve been gracious with their fans, as a way to reprimand Sivakumar for his behaviour.

Ivangalum Actors Thaan  #Galatta

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