Watch: Shankar's 3.0 and Rajamouli's Eega battle it out in fun short film

It's difficult to believe that this is a YouTube video made by amateurs.
Screenshot from 3.0 vs Eega
Screenshot from 3.0 vs Eega
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Have you imagined a battle between two fictional characters -- Eega and 3.0 -- created by two genius Indian directors Rajamouli and Shankar respectively? Often fans of both these directors, who make films in a grandiose manner, root for their collaboration that would create history at the box-office. However, as that remains a far-fetched dream, here’s 3.0 vs Eega, a short animated film created by No Logic Films where two characters by these directors get into an epic battle.

The 12-minute animated film, with brilliant video effects takes you to the world where the super-smart adorable nano android 3.0 from Shankar’s 2.0 and the heavily-armed Eega, the housefly from Rajamouli’s Eega (Naan E in Tamil) battle it out to prove who is mightier.

The quality of production of 3.0 vs Eega is top-notch, with visual effects that are on par with the original films. The amazing detailing and finesse of the characters and the scenes, make it difficult to believe that it is a YouTube video made by amateurs. Besides the high-octane action scenes, the animation short has some comedy elements, which makes the watching experience wholesome.

3.0 vs Eega is directed by Praveen Satish, and the music and background score are by KBS Kashyap.

It is common for animation creators to come up with videos imagining a fight with their favourite superhero characters from different universes like Goku vs Superman, Batman vs Ironman etc., and create a battle by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the superheros. However, it is very rare to find content based on characters from Indian science-fiction/fantasy films.

3.0 vs Eega was made by these budding animation creators over 80 days, without any flaws. Maybe Shankar or Rajamouli should consider giving them an opportunity, if they plan to direct a sequel to 2.0 or Eega!

No Logic Films has created several short videos with characters based on Indian superheroes like Shaktimaan, Chitti, Krrish and G One.  


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