He also has the rarest one of them all, which is estimated to cost a whopping $150,000.

Watch This man has a Hot Wheels toy car collection worth a million dollarsImage: Facebook/Bruce Pascal
Social Video Sunday, December 25, 2016 - 16:52

When Mattel came out with its 'Hot Wheels' toy cars for children in 1968, little did they realise that their biggest fan would be an adult man with an exclusive toy collection of more than a million dollars.

Bruce Pascal has been gaining popularity across the internet, with over 3,500 Hot Wheels models in his collection.

He also has the rarest one of them all -- a 1970s Volkswagen Bus in bright pink with a pair of surfboards and a sunroof, which is estimated to cost a whopping $150,000.

Pascal, a real estate agent, also reportedly spent $40,000-plus for makeover of his home office to accommodate the toy cars.

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