Jarvis even speaks in the voice of Morgan Freeman.

Watch Jarvis the AI dim lights play music even make toast for Mark Zuckerberg and familyScreenshot
Social Technology Wednesday, December 21, 2016 - 12:47

Remember Tony Stark’s super-smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interface in “Iron Man”, Jarvis? You’d be lying if you didn’t find a soft corner for the practical, soft-spoken and wise but fictional AI.

But is Jarvis fictional? Not anymore! Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, spent the last year working on a simple and personal AI which would help him and his family at home.

And the result is an AI which does everything from make toast, play music, adjust the heating in the house, inform who’s at the door and even find Mark a fresh t-shirt to wear when he asks. All of this, in the voice of Morgan Freeman.

Check out the video here:

As per Fast Company, a publication Mark interviewed with for Jarvis, he spent 100-150 hours on this project. It works through simple commands given to a custom iOS application or Facebook Messenger bot.

And although the system appears pretty dope, the Fast Company found that Mark still had to do some coddling for it to understand some commands, especially if he was using his custom iOS app.

But despite its glitches, Mark was quite proud of one thing: Jarvis had the ability to learn from his and his wife Priscilla’s taste in music.

Here’s a video of Priscilla talking what things were like when Mark was experimenting with Jarvis. (You’’ll be glad Mark didn’t go with his first choice of voice for Jarvis).

For technical details, here’s a note Mark wrote called ‘Building Jarvis’.