The song is from the upcoming Tamil film "Santhana Devan" starring Arya.

Watch Its not just a bull it is another child says Jallikattu song by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Flix Jallikattu Monday, January 16, 2017 - 12:23

Pongal may have come and gone, but the outrage about the Jallikattu ban has still not died down. 

Towards the end of 2015, director Ameer had announced that he was making a film starring Arya with a rural theme. Santhana Devan, which is expected to go on the floors early this year, will reportedly be a period drama on Tamil culture. And obviously, Jallikattu plays an important role in it.

Ameer has been one of the vocal supporters of the traditional sport in Kollywood. Arya, however, got into trouble recently for his tweet asking "What is Jallikattu?"

Now, the team has released the audio for a song from the film, which is on Jallikattu and its place in Tamil culture. 

With lyrics written by Vairamuthu and music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, the song is filled with pro-Jallikattu arguments that have been doing the rounds. 

Referring to Jallikattu as "thennaatu veeram" or "southern bravery", it points out that while men may die because a bull gored them, it can never be the other way around. "Is there a law about this or has anyone witnessed such a thing?" it asks. 

The song then relies on an argument frequently made in support of Jallikattu, praising the love for the bull that people have. In the song, we're told that the animal is not a mere "kaalai" (bull) but "innoru pullai" (another child). 

The danger in the sport is all for the man, and none for the bull it says: "Kombulla kaala, adha anancha nee veera pulla/ kuri thappi pona, un kodalley maala" (the bull with horns, if you embrace it, you're a brave son/ if you miss your target, your intestines will become a garland).

It goes on to describe the pride and reception that a man who wins the Jallikattu gets. "Un maaman ponnunu nenachu, nee maata kattipudida/ nee jeychu kaamicha kazhutha neetuva (Embrace the bull thinking it's your uncle's daughter/ she will yield to you if you win).

Summing up the spirit of Jallikattu, the lyrics say, "Maadu sila neram thokalam, manushan sila neram thokalam, veeram adhu thorpadhillaye" (the bull may lose at times, the man may lose at times, but courage never loses). 

This Jallikattu song which praises the sport and its relevance to the state's cultural pride and celebrates the masculinity of its participants, was uploaded for Pongal and has already garnered over 1,50,000 views.