The hilarious video, titled ‘Bigg Boss Office’, tries to mimic contestants from the 'Bigg Boss' house, but in an office setting.

Watch Hilarious spoof takes on Bigg Boss Telugu goes viral
Flix Social Sunday, August 05, 2018 - 17:51

Season 2 of Bigg Boss Telugu, hosted by actor Nani, continues to have a successful run even as ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ Kamal Haasan visited the house and met the contestants earlier this week.

While several memes on various contestants have taken over the internet, spoofs have also followed suit.

The latest one by Wirally and Tamada media seems to have hit the nail, as it has gone viral on social media with many people sharing the spoof.

The hilarious video, titled ‘Bigg Boss Office’, tries to mimic contestants from the Bigg Boss house, but in an office setting.

The video starts with a man imitating actor Nani himself, claiming to be office HR, and introducing the other characters. The mimicry is spot on and the comments on the video are a testament to this, as they are full of praise for the actor imitating Nani.   

The video tackles several incidents that took place in the Bigg Boss Telugu house but with their own twists.

From constant updates on the time, to dogs barking when people doze off at their desk, the video covers it all.

It also has a satirical take on the fight that broke out between Kasuhal and Bhanu, before the latter’s elimination from the show to Babu Gogineni’s ‘challenge’ to Bigg Boss himself, to come to the house.  

The spoof also has a take on Amit, who broke an egg on fellow contestant Ganesh’s head, during a task on the show.

Watch the video below.

The sets for the new season have been built in Hyderabad, unlike the first season which was shot in Lonavala. The Bigg Boss house has been constructed at the popular Annapurna Studios where the contestants will stay during the entire course of the show.



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