The opening act was a spoof of ‘La La Land’ and featured various Hollywood celebrities and TV stars.

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The Golden Globe awards were a star-studded affair on Sunday and with TV show host Jimmy Fallon anchoring the event, there was bound to be plenty of comedy involved.

And right from the beginning, the Golden Globes did not disappoint. The opening act was a hilarious musical rendering of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone-starrer La La Land.

It begins the same way La La Land does, with people stuck in traffic breaking into song and dance. And everyone from Nicole Kidman to Rami Malek make an appearance in the one-take continuous shot parody.

Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones also has a moment in the musical, spoofing his own resurrection in the last season of the TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter posted a video of the act on Facebook. Watch it here:

The parody continues after the first song into a comic rendition of the ending track in La La Land and features Jimmy Fallon looking melancholic on a piano (in an emulation of Ryan Gosling in the film). Ryan Reynolds also makes an appearance here, and the climax of the act is a sequence of Jimmy Fallon waltzing with Justin Timberlake

The Golden Globes act parodied two tracks from La La Land: “Another day in the sun” and “City of stars”. La La Land also set a record at the awards, winning seven Golden Globes in categories like Best film (comedy or musical), Best Actor, Best Actress and original score among others.        

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