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Just as constables in their night rounds shoo-away homeless people from making park benches their bed in India, the situation is similar, and maybe a bit too extreme in London.

A group of artists have found a 'cushion-y' solution to establishments adopting a hostile attitude towards the homeless in London. 

A few stores and establishments in the city have something called the “anti-homeless spikes” which intends to deter homeless people from getting too comfortable on the steps.

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A screengrab from the video shared on

According to a report in, the group who call themselves “Spaces, Not Spikes” redesigned the section outside the store which was layered with spikes with a mattress, some cushions and even a book-shelf!

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A screengrab from the video shared on

The group’s initiative has surely aroused interest among people around the globe and been garnering support from celebrities as well.

Watch the video by “Spaces, Not Spikes” on Vimeo:

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