It took them one month to capture the footage and put it together

Watch Amazing view of Andhras capital area from a high resolution droneAll Images: Facebook/Auro Works
news Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 14:16

The state of Andhra Pradesh will soon start works on its new proposed capital region of Amaravati, which will lie near the Vijaywada-Rayupudi-Guntur region.

A Guntur based short film maker and his team 'Auro Works' recently captured the beauty of the area, before the construction of the capital starts.

The drone they flew above the city, captured a breathtaking view of River Krishna, the Prakasam Barrage and many other famous sites.
This is estimated to be the first time that  Vijayawada and Guntur have been captured using a quadcopter drone in such high resolution.
Konatham Dharani Kumar, the director, used a DJI Inspire 1 drone for the video and uploaded it to YouTube on Sunday night. The video has gone viral since.

The drone was flown at a height of more than 400 feet to capture the Kankadurga Temple atop Indrakeeladri Hill.

The company is known to do aerial shoots but this is their first attempt at a demo video reel on such a large scale.

"It took us about one month to shoot all the footage as we had to travel to various places to get the shots," Dharani Kumar adds.

Watch the video here.

Watch their earlier video of the Dhyana Buddha Park in Amaravati town here.