news Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 05:30
Image: Screenshot   The AAM Aadmi Party led Delhi government's recent TV commercial "Rishwat Bandh" has mostly touched the wrong chords. The ad, which cost the state exchequer Rs 1.5 crore, has been accused of being blantantly sexist and regressive.  "The advertisement also shows how in the political imagination of AAP, the aam aurat (common woman) is equated with the patriarchal ideal of selfless service to her husband and family. The ideal Delhi woman, they imagine, must cook and care for her child, and feed her husband, single-handed, while her husband sits on the sofa watching television. Tellingly, the ad does not even see her sitting down with her husband to share the meal she prepared!", activist Kavita Krishnan recently wrote in a piece for The News Minute.  Read: Why AAP leaders need lessons in gender equality And now Adarsh Liberal has come up with "Ek Adarsh Liberal Patrakar ki kahaani", a spoof on the AAP commercial. However, this version takes a dig at journalists. Though the visuals are the same, the voiceover has been replaced. The almost similar tone of the new voiceover makes the video somewhat funny.  Watch the video here.   Video of USUMxjFXA5M  
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