Was there a conspiracy behind Malayalam actor's abduction, assault? She says ‘yes’

Don’t cover up assaults, don’t allow hunters to escape: Malayalam actor’s powerful appeal
Was there a conspiracy behind Malayalam actor's abduction, assault? She says ‘yes’
Was there a conspiracy behind Malayalam actor's abduction, assault? She says ‘yes’
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The Malayalam actor, who was recently abducted and assaulted, has opened up for the first time about the horrific incident and the conspiracy behind the crime.

In an interview to Malayalam magazine Vanitha, the actor said that she was determined to get justice, even as she hinted at a larger conspiracy behind the assault.

Asked whether there was a conspiracy behind the crime, the actor says, “Yes, is my answer. How will a driver who drives stars to and from locations have the courage to do this? Who, why, how? I have no idea about these questions. I will not say that my enemies in film industry were behind this. But if they say all this was done just for money, then there are links that don’t connect. I have several questions, for which I need satisfactory answers. I will fight until I win.”

The Malayalam actor was abducted and assaulted on the night of February 17, when she was travelling from Thrissur to Ernakulam. Five accused including her driver Martin, and the prime accused Pulsar Suni were arrested following the incident.

There had been much speculation that the men had been hired by some of her ‘powerful’ enemies. Many had pointed fingers at actor Dileep who denied any role in the incident. An emotional Dileep released a statement that it had become imperative for him that the real perpetrators were exposed.

Expressed gratitude to all those who stood by her and prayer for her well-being following the traumatic experience, she says, “I could never have even imagined the kind of experience I went through that night. If people had criticised me for being an actor or for travelling alone at night at that point of time, I would have collapsed. But instead I received support from 99% of people. I wanted to thank all those who supported me in person, but since it’s not possible I bow down in gratitude in front of you all.”

She reveals that she had once thought that being a celebrity no one would dare touch her without her permission. “That thought was wrong. Not just me, many other girls have also realised this,” the actor says.

In a powerful appeal to other assault survivors, she urges them to come forward and report such cases to the police. “If this happened to me, it can happen to anybody. If I can speak about what happened to me, anybody can speak up. So please don’t cover up these issues. Why do we allow the hunters to escape? It is not women who should bear the pain of shame, but those who committed the crime,” the actor explains.

She also adds that if she had chosen to bury the incident, she wouldn’t have been able to live with pride.

“If I had chosen to cover up this incident, may be five or 10 people would have known about it. But I wouldn’t have been to lift my head from the shame of not speaking up. I would have been filled with regret and would not have been able to sleep in peace. That is why I filed a complaint, and I have a clear plan how to go forward,” she observes.

Admitting that she has enemies in the film industry, the actor notes that she would never pretend to be okay with them for the sake of personal achievements. She points out, “They say there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics and even in cinema. In my case, I have permanent friends and permanent enemies in the industry. I never apologise for mistakes I have not committed. I would rather be known as arrogant, than being known as someone who landed a role by repeatedly apologizing and compromising.”

“I will not allow a stranger to change my life. I have not hurt anyone, but many try to harm me. I openly share my opinion with anyone, anywhere. As a result, I have many enemies,” she said.

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