"I was petrified but Randeep made it very easy and comfortable for me," says the actress

Was petrified of kissing scene in Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Kajal AggarwalFacebook/Kajal Aggarwal
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Actress Kajal Aggarwal says she was petrified to do a kissing scene in her upcoming film "Do Lafzon Ki Kahani" and feels it should not be blown out of proportion.

"Do Lafzon Ki Kahani", directed by Deepak Tijori, has Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles, and their liplock is making news as there were reports that she was not aware of it in advance.

"I was petrified but Randeep made it very easy and comfortable for me. He ensured I was comfortable. We spoke a lot and I let my inhibitions down," Kajal told PTI.

"I had my reservations about it as I have not done it in South. Then I understood the importance of it and that it was part of the script. I don't know how this thing came up. Who does things like this... We are professionals and everything we do on screen is pre-decided," she said.

According to the "Special 26" actress, "Do Lafzon Ki Kahani" is a very sensitive and beautiful love story.

"This is a love story. It is very intense and passionate.

With passionate I don't mean that the film shows sex or intimacy or anything like that. There is intimacy in the film but it is negligible." 

In "Do Lafzon Ki Kahani", Kajal plays a blind girl, while Randeep is an MMA fighter.

"We both worked hard for this film. Both our characters are diametrically opposite each other. I am a very active, positive, radiant, happy-go-lucky, innocent girl, while Randeep is an MMA fighter. He is intense, deep and has a dark past. So they are very opposite people and how they fall in love with each other," she said.

In "Singham", the 30-year-old actress was paired opposite Ajay Devgn, for "Special 26" she starred along with Akshay Kumar, and now for "Do Lafzon..." she is romancing Hooda.

"Randeep is a power house of talent. He is a brilliant actor without the frills and fancies of a superstar. It was great working with him," Kajal said.

The movie is based on the 2011 Korean movie "Always".

Produced by Dhaval Jayantilal Gada under the banner Pen India Limited, it is scheduled to release on June 10.

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