It is recommended that you don’t commit your main communication device to tryout the program.

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Atom Tech Shorts Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 18:35
Written by  S. Mahadevan

Among those using any Apple product, there is a sense of expectation surrounding the release of the next edition of the operating system iOS 11. Developers who attended the WWDC in June got a glimpse of what the new OS will look like and the new features being incorporated in it.

Some of these aspects were covered in these columns as well. Apple has since released the beta version of the iOS 11 for people to download, use and experience the software. If the user finds any bug or has suggestions for improvements, the Apple team will want to hear from them and make the essential changes before the large-scale release, probably in September, along with the launch of the new generation smartphones.

You will need to make a registration with Apple as a developer before you will be permitted to download and install the new OS.

It has also to be understood that a beta version software can have bugs in them and it is recommended that you don’t commit your main communication device to tryout the program. However, if you are confident of handling it you can use any device.

Still, you should first create a back-up of all your files and data and archive them before you download the iOS 11 beta version.

You will be assigned a password and with that password you can access the iOS 11 beta section and click download and you are on your way. The normal steps like agreeing to the terms and conditions etc. will have to be gone through and the download will start.

As it happens when you change your operating OS, it will automatically reboot and you will have to setup your accounts etc., afresh.

You will start experiencing the new OS right away; there may be tutorials within the program to bring you up to date on some of the changes from the previous version.

Keep learning as you go, since all functions cannot be put to use at once. Just feel the joy of trying out some of the new features of the iOS 11.

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