The restaurant manager said that the lady was making a 'big deal' out of it

news Monday, June 20, 2016 - 08:32

A man was arrested from Vasudev Adiga's outlet in Koramangala on Saturday after a woman caught him peeping into the women’s loo.

According to a Bangalore Mirror report, the woman in her 20s had gone to the restaurant with a friend. After having their meal, the woman went to the loo at around 10.30pm. Once inside, she found a man peeping through the gap on the bottom of the door, who fled after she shouted at him.

When the manager on duty refused to believe her, the woman demanded for CCTV footage. The video showed that the man who entered the ladies loo and left soon after was a staffer named Ghouse Sab.

Ghouse, a waiter at the hotel, who has been working there for the past two months, was then arrested based on the woman’s complaint.

In an attempt to defend the waiter, BM reports, the hotel manager claimed the incident to be an “accident” and claimed that the woman and her friend were not customers. The manager said that the woman and her friend were talking outside the eatery and was allowed to use the loo.

"Ghouse did not peep. It was accidental. It is a small incident, which she has made a big deal of," Madhu, the hotel manager was quoted as saying.