Vizag police commissioner alleges Dr Sudhakar visiting police station to create ruckus

The senior police official alleged that the suspended doctor was 'provoking' them though his case had been transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation.
Dr Sudhakar
Dr Sudhakar
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The Visakhapatnam Police in Andhra Pradesh has alleged that Dr K Sudhakar Rao, who was released from a mental health care institution following orders of the High Court last week, was 'provoking' its personnel, although his case had been transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Dr K Sudhakar Rao was allegedly suspended for speaking out on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit shortage at the Narsipatnam Area Government hospital in April. In May, he was detained by the police and admitted to a mental health care facility after he allegedly created a nuisance in the middle of a road in Visakhapatnam. 

Since his release, the police claim that Dr Sudhakar was repeatedly visiting the Four Town Police Station with reporters and making statements outside the premises. 

Suggesting that it seemed to be some sort of 'political stunt', Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner RK Meena told reporters on Thursday, "When he knows that the case has been transferred to CBI, there is no need for him to come to the police station. Everyday he is coming and he is informing the media. Once the media comes, he will come, do some 'tamasha' and go away."   

"Earlier also, he was informed very clearly that the case has been transferred to CBI. He should approach them. Why is he coming to us? He is meeting political leaders and conducting press meets and blaming the police. What are we supposed to do?" he asked.

Videos that surfaced last month showed Dr Sudhakar sitting in his car and using abusive language. Another video showed him half-naked, his hands and feet tied up, being bundled into an auto-rickshaw by the police. The video had triggered outrage but the police defended the move saying that he was creating a nuisance. He was shifted to the King George Hospital, who referred him to the Government Hospital for Mental Health. 

After Dr Sudhakar’s mother, Kaveri Bai, moved the High Court on June 3, the court had asked if there was a conspiracy behind Dr Sudhakar's arrest and ordered for his release.

"I'm requesting that CBI should look into this angle as well; about how local political leaders are visiting him at hospital and at home. Court has asked if there is a bigger conspiracy behind police registering cases. Is this not a conspiracy as well? Against the police," the Visakhapatnam Commissioner said.

"I am not able to understand why he's coming repeatedly to the media. Who is organising this? We will inform the CBI and the HC about this and say that it's not right to create a scene at the police station," he added. 

Speaking to reporters during his visit to the police station on Thursday, Dr Sudhakar praised Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and said that he wanted his job back. 

"I am ready to withdraw all cases if I get my job back. In three months, I will take voluntary retirement. I hope the CM understands and gives me back my job. Since I'm suspended, I won't get pension either. I have financial problems in my family. My father is bed-ridden and my children are yet to settle," he told reporters.

When asked about the reason for his visit on Friday, Dr Sudhakar said, "My ATM card, wallet and other ID cards were in my car, so I came for that. They said that everything is with the CBI. Now that they don't have it, I will see what to do." 

He then went on to praise CM Jagan again and said that he was only suspended because some people in Narsipatnam allegedly held a grudge against him as they were running a private nursing home in the area.

When asked about his belongings in his car, the Commissioner said, "He was categorically told during his last visit itself that everything is with the CBI. He is not giving us a reason as to why he is coming to the police station when we are asking him. If he has a grudge against us, he should report to higher-ups. If he wants a job, let him approach the appropriate authorities."

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