The Kerala CM has also expressed concern the BJP leader who instigated the violence still walks free.

Violence a result of Sangh Parivars delusion on dissent Pinarayi slams Delhi riots
news Delhi Riots Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 19:59

The Kerala CM has also expressed concern the BJP leader who instigated the violence still walks free.

The violence in Delhi is the product of the Sangh Parivar’s misconception that such agitation can be defeated at streets, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Wednesday.

“The agitation over CAA is for protecting the country’s secularism and democracy.  And the violence in Delhi is the product of the misconception that that can be defeated on the streets. Secular forces, by realizing this, should come forward for peaceful actions among the people. The Malayali community in Delhi should come forward for cautious intervening against the communal polarization moves, for upholding secularism and to cement brotherhood,” he urged.

The Kerala CM has also said that it is a matter of concern that the BJP leader (Kapil Mishra) who instigated the violence still walks free.  

In a statement on the violence in Delhi, Pinarayi said that a ‘religiously fanatic private army’ is part of the riot, which hints at the precarious fall of the law of the land.

He urged the Centre to take swift action to curb violence and to restore normalcy. Pinarayi expressed shock that the nation’s capital had become a venue for communal division and of human hunting, that is communal in nature. He said that the leadership, of those who are in power, has the responsibility to wipe away such tendencies and to uphold secularism.

“Rumours have been spreading and there has been a propaganda of hatred. Even media persons are attacked, the death toll is increasing. The ordinary people who live in Delhi are scared. So many Malayalis have shared the concern that safety for life and property is lost. This reflects the intensity of the uncertainty that prevails in the national capital,” the Chief Minister said.

The death toll in the violence in the country’s capital rose to 23 on Wednesday. 

Pinarayi also urged the Centre not to be hesitant to take stern action against the culprits and to deploy the police force effectively without giving room for any doubts to check the violence from spreading.

On Wednesday the Delhi High Court directed the police to take conscious decision with regard to lodging of FIRs against three BJP leaders who are accused of hate speeches. 

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