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The News Minute | November 09, 2014 | 5.15 pm IST The normally shy actor, Vijay took to Twitter dispelling doubts on a number of topics surrounding controversies regarding his latest movie Kaththi. On being asked why he had acted in cola advertisments in the past and then took an anti-cola company stance in his latest movie Kaththi, the actor said that even though he had done the ad earlier, the script now made sense to him which is why he decided to do it.  @jackbala3012 I would be extremely happy if people start questioning political parties like this when they make electoral alliances. (Contd) — vijay (@Vijay_cjv) November 8, 2014 @jackbala3012 yes I did an ad earlier...most of the big Indian celebrities like sachin,aamir khan also were brand ambassadors (Contd) — vijay (@Vijay_cjv) November 8, 2014 @jackbala3012 I don't endorse the brand anymore. When I heard kathi script it did make sense to me and I voiced it through Jeeva character — vijay (@Vijay_cjv) November 8, 2014 He also answered a number of other questions. When asked how he felt now that a number of his movies were being targeted, he said that he only felt sad for all those people working behind every movie.   When asked why he was not working with new directors, the actor replied that of the total 58 directors he had worked with, 28 of them were débutantes.  Read Reel and real life of actor Vijay is being questioned in the social media after Kaththi