Video: TRS sarpanch’s group and toll plaza staff fight over fee payment

Police said they have registered FIRs against Nasurullabad sarpanch Pranil Chander and his associates, as well as the toll plaza employees.
Screen shots of brawl at Raikal toll plaza in Shadnagar limits.
Screen shots of brawl at Raikal toll plaza in Shadnagar limits.
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The Raikal toll plaza in Telangana witnessed a brawl on Wednesday, September 21, between a group of men led by Nasurullabad village sarpanch and Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) member Pranil Chander and employees of the toll plaza. The scuffle, which was caught on CCTV, showed a clash break out as one of the toll plaza staff members appeared to express disagreement after Pranil Chander purportedly refused to pay the toll fee.

The two groups were seen engaging in a verbal brawl, and soon a fist fight ensued as they ended up assaulting each other. The sarpanch and his followers also allegedly broke a few glass panes and a tree pot during the fight. The visuals also showed the toll plaza staff attacking one of the men who got down from the sarpanch’s car. 

Pranil Chander is the sarpanch of Nasurullabad in Jadcherla mandal. According to the police, cases have been registered against members of both groups.The toll plaza employees alleged that the sarpanch and his associates used objectionable language and engaged in “loose talk”. Shadnagar Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ch Kushalkar said that two FIRs (First Information Reports) have been registered in connection with the brawl on Wednesday.

“Counter cases have been filed against the sarpanch and his group, as well as the toll plaza employees.The Raikal toll plaza supervisor said the sarpanch and his associates did ‘loose talk’ and an argument ensued. A fist fight followed and they assaulted each other. There were no major injuries. A few glass cases at the toll plaza were also damaged in the process,” he said. 

The ACP also told the media on Wednesday that the CCTV footage will be examined and a probe will be carried out to determine who was at fault, and legal action will be taken accordingly. “It is not correct for the people to come from villages and create ruckus over any incident. If there’s a problem, they should complain to the police but must not take the law into their hands. We will take strong action in such cases. If there is any offense by the toll plaza staff ,we will take action against them too,” he said.

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