Flix Friday, January 16, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute| December 10, 2014| 5.45 pm IST The video starts out with cute 6 to 10-year-old children finding presents that Santa Claus has left them. The voice over says “How s****y would it be if Santa was sexist?” The voice over also read by a small girl. This followed by a bunch of small girls, all dressed as princesses cursing and using expletives to talk about gender inequality and sexism that is prevalent in the society. The question at the end – what is Santa Claus was sexist just like our society and gave bigger and better presents to boys than girls? The video, made by a democratic advocacy group called FCKH8 that clearly fights for women’s rights, looks at the shock value a little too literally. They have 6-year-old girls, dressed as princesses, saying the f-word and more. Their reason behind the methodology used is also explained in the video – if you find small girls using such expletives horrifying, then you should find the blatant gender inequality in society even more shocking. This particular video, a Christmas edition, also talk of the gender wage gap issue in the United States where women often find themselves paid less for the same job and same qualifications just because of their gender. The same group had released similar videos in the past that showed small girls, dressed as princesses and using curse words that they don’t even understand, talking of issues that they don’t comprehend. The video has been widely criticized for the same, and even more as at the end, the group actually advertises the sale of their t-shirts.
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