The plants were kept under LED lights for heat, while an air conditioner and a table fan regulated the temperature.

Video Hyd man turns 3BHK home into ganja cultivation centre 40 weed pots seized
news Crime Tuesday, January 03, 2017 - 07:50

Imagine a ganja cultivation centre in your residential complex, with lines of planted pots under lights growing ganja. Seems like a scene out of a crime TV series, doesn't it?

Well, in Hyderabad, this was what police officers walked into to find at a flat in the city. 

A 33-year-old man was arrested on Monday by the Hyderabad police after he was found cultivating ganja in his flat in Manikonda. 

According to a press release, Syed Shahed Husain had learnt the technique of cultivating the plant indoors from online platforms and on the advice of a Facebook friend. He was using 2 bedrooms to grow weed in the 3BHK flat.

The police raided his home, to find 40 potted plants, that were kept under ultraviolet LED lights, in one of the rooms. 8.6 kgs of weed was seized from him. 


The police said that Hussain, a former bank employee, had been doing this for three months.


Besides the lights to produce artificial heat, and an air conditioner and a fixed table fan to regulate temperature, Hussain also used phosphorous and potassium as nutrients, while he used cocofibre pith, flora pellet, Aquasol, Aquadene and cay stones as a germinating medium.

Here is what he police have seized from the accused:

1) 8.6 Kgs Ganja

2) 40 pots containing Ganja plants

3) One Weighing machine

4) Four  25 KG coco fiber peat at his house in his instance,

5) Three LED Lights

6) One table fan

7) Five Flora pellet (100grams)

8) One Neem oil(250 Ml)

9) One Pushpa floor powder (250 Ml)

10) One Aqua sol (500 Ml),

11) One Aquadene (200 Ml),

12) Phosphorus about 100 Grams

13) Potassium about 100 Grams

14) Clay stones about 1 Kg

However, he was caught while trying to sell the marijuana on Monday, following which police checked his flat.


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