'Be our Pondati' perfectly sums up the arduous process.

Video Hilarious video of IIT students Be our Pondati taking on the matrimonial grindImage Courtesy: YouTube.com
Social Saturday, April 16, 2016 - 12:08

Finally, a parody that calls out the maamis who audition women for potential wifedom, 'Be our Pondati' perfectly sums up the arduous process. 

“Hey tall thin fair girl! We’re bride-seeking. So here’s our number, just send us pictures!”- and with that, final year IIT Madras students hit home with the story of most women put through the matrimonial grind. 

Rendered in the song style of pop number Carly Rae Jepsen's Call me Maybe, the song has the all too familiar ring of a matrimonial ad. While it missed the typical ‘Sing for us, dance for us' talent show, the sentiment came close. 

Laying down the conditions for the 'ideal, homely girl' - it's clear, no Facebook, no shorts, must be home before five to make sambar. No, no life indeed. 

The lyrics and vocals of the song are by Asmita Ghosh and Anukriya Elango and features Krupa Varghese.



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