news Friday, June 12, 2015 - 05:30
Violence at the Kozhikode airport on Wednesday night resulted in the death of a CISF jawan, but two days later, there is very less clarity on who provoked and who reacted. TV channels in Kerala have telecast more than two sets of CCTV footage, but yet no clarity has emerged on what exactly happened leading to the shooting. These videos by Media One reveal three sequences. Trouble seems to have started at around 21.38 when a Fire Safety official named Aji reached the airport. CISF troopers and Aji can be seen having an argument. The footage shows Aji being taken inside the CISF office (a little roughly). At 21.43, more fire safety officials are seen coming near the CISF office and having a heated argument, after which they sort of chase one of the jawans, moving away from the camera's view. Following this, other CISF troopers also rush to the spot, moving away from this camera. Video of WLACM5k0tL4 Video of jawan being shot dead The next video which was recorded on a camera near the VIP gate of the airport clearly shows the shootout. The grainy video put out by Media One shows two CISF troopers and around five fire safety officers in the frame, one jawan falls down on the ground. (This is Yadav who reportedly died on the spot) The other jawan is then seen holding a pistol and pointing it at the others, who immediately scramble, except one. What is however not clear is how the shot was fired and whether there was tussle which resulted in the shot being fired as someone is seen grabbing the hands of the jawan with the gun. Video of F77-XqY54uM The next of footage is of the CISF troopers vandalising airport property, around 23.00. Video of faMw0Hj51fk While CISF sources say that the violence was the result of Airport officials' reluctance to get frisked, Airport Authority of India (AAI) and Fire and Safety Service officials have told media that they were being harassed by CISF in the name of security.  Nine Airport Authority of India (AAI) officials were on Friday arrested on charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder in connection with the death of the CISF trooper. A silver nitrate test conducted on CISF inspector Sitaram Choudhary's pistol, from which the shot that killed Yadav was fired, led police to conclude that a scuffle occured between CISF and AAI officials, which attracted the charge of culpable homicide and not murder. Additional Director General of Police N. Shankar Reddy, in a report submitted on Friday to state police chief T.P. Senkumar, observed that since only officials of different agencies at the airport were involved in the scuffle and there was no trespass by outsiders, the incident could not be considered breach of security and was one of indiscipline.