The video is from COVID-19 ward in St John’s Bengaluru. The patient seen dancing with the doctor is Kumara, an ambulance driver who was admitted on May 17.

Kumara recovered from COVID19 dancing with doctor in Bengaluru St Johns HopsitalScreengrab
Social COVID-19 Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - 08:38

In a heartwarming video that is going viral on social media, a doctor, suited up in a PPE kit, is seen dancing in a Bengaluru hospital ward with a patient who just recovered from COVID-19. In the video, both doctor and patient can be seen clapping and dancing to the iconic ‘‘Muqabla Muqabla’ song by AR Rahman. Other patients and staff in the ward, too, can be seen clapping as the duo danced to the song. The video ends with the doctor and the patient hugging each other.

The patient seen in the video is Kumara, an ambulance driver, who had just recovered from COVID-19 on May 25. He was admitted to St John’s Hospital in Bengaluru on May 17. The Emergency Response Team of Mercy Mission, a network of volunteers, also shared another video, which features parts of the dance. In the video, Farah, a volunteer, talks about Kumara’s condition on May 18. “At that point, his oxygen saturation was 75% and chest CT Scan value was 18/25. Today (May 25), I reached out to him to check how he was doing. And he happened to share this video with me. So this made my day,” Farah can be heard saying.

The video also contains Kumara’s testimony where he recounted his condition when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Kumara said due to a dire shortage of beds, he was taken to Mysuru. “But even there, we could not find a bed. Farah Madam from the ERT Bangalore Team arranged a bed for me, because of which I am alive. I was treated well at St John’s Hospital and I was discharged on May 25,” he said while thanking Farah and the team of volunteers.

The video comes at a time when Karnataka, which is under lockdown since April 28 (till June 7), is recording a steady drop in the daily COVID-19 case count. On May 25, Karnataka reported 38,224 new discharges, continuing to outnumber the fresh cases, which was at 22,758.

While the test positivity rate for the day stood at 21.13%, the case fatality rate (CFR) was at 2.58%. The state logged 588 more deaths, taking the toll to 26,399, while the caseload stood at 24,72,973. Of the fresh cases reported on May 25, 6,243 are from Bengaluru Urban. The city also reported 13,210 patients being discharged and 350 deaths.