In the videos circulating on social media, Urmila can be seen joking to the media and even indulging in victim blaming.

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The past few days in the Malayalam film industry have seen several members participating in a macabre contest on who can be more insensitive than the other. For now, actor Urmila Unni who supposedly took the initiative to bring Dileep back into AMMA in the general body meeting, appears to be winning the race. Hands down.

In videos circulating on social media, Urmila Unni can be seen making light of the questions posed to her about women's safety in the Malayalam film industry. The issue has once again become hotly debated after the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) took rape accused Dileep back into the organisation. Dileep stands accused of being the mastermind behind the abduction and assault of a prominent woman actor in February 2017.

Urmila Unni, however, would rather talk about "more pleasant" things. When the media asked her questions about the issue, the actor, who holds the dubious credit for bringing Dileep back, asked why they couldn't talk about someone's short film winning an award or a film becoming a hit. Yes, we're as confused as you are.

She further said that there was no surety that Dileep was indeed guilty, even making a pun on the survivor's name to insinuate that the media was making it all up. She also said that AMMA was an excellent organisation and that several people had benefited from it.

Maintaining an irritatingly amused stance throughout, Urmila said that there was no discussion on whether Dileep should be taken back or not, giving a bizarre comparison to a homemaker managing the workers in her house.

However, the worst thing she possibly said was in response to a question on how she could be so unconcerned when her daughter was in the industry too. Urmila said that "each individual was different", implying that what had happened to the survivor wouldn't happen with her daughter. A classic example of victim blaming if there ever was one.

The videos have been shared by several social media users who've slammed the actor for her insensitive and completely unacceptable views.

Here's a sample:

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