The film is about a prince who is raised by animals.

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Guinness Pakru will soon be fascinating film buffs in an animation film. Sujith Ayappan is all set to make the first ever kids’ fantasy thriller, which is completely new to the Malayalam audiences and has roped in Guinness Pakru to play the male lead. Titled Veerapakru, the film is about the Lilliputam kingdom set in a different era.

On making the film, Sujith of Atbutha Dweepu fame said, “I had created a short-length trailer to present before him. All this while, from the day the idea incubated in my mind, it stayed within me until one day I discussed it with my close friends. They encouraged me to go ahead.”

The film is about a prince raised by animals in a palace who later turns against the very animals that raised him. Veerapakru then gets in to save the animals and this forms the crux of the film. Guinness Pakru is elated over the role he has been offered and said, “I demanded two things — not to compromise with quality output and make it appear as real as possible when usual cartoons are made to make kids just laugh. Soon we had a photo session where they took my pictures in different angles and left.”

Director Sujith agrees that making an animation film would be a costly affair and that he needs to convince his producers. Stating that Veerapakru will be a 45-minute film, the director hopes to have it released later this year but adds that this will depend on the budget. He added, “An animation film is a costlier affair. An attempt like this being a first in Malayalam, producers are new to the idea. I am still in talks with the producer. The script is mine. In my plans there are more actors who can lend voice to other characters in the film.”

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