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The News Minute| July 15, 2014| 10.50 am IST Vaidik PR and Travel Agency – Passport and H1 Visa Also In the beginning we thought we were caught in a cross fire. Then it dawned on us that it was a spit fire or shall we say spittoon fire? A splash from here, another from there, then a passing swipe and then a loud gurgle accompanied by some watery noise – it was all there as Ved Pratap Vaidik (VPV), thinker of thoughts and walker of talks, took on not just the might of the mightiest of decibels in the Indian media, he also challenged the channel types in the channels.  We don’t know about you but we at The News Minute (TNM) think this man should start a PR and travel agency, in that order. He had the headlines for over 24 hours when he really had nothing to say except call everyone names and if his story is to be believed, he has the clout to invite wanted Pakistanis to India without a passport.  We are less concerned about the fact that this self-promoting journalist met Hafiz Saeed, the master-mind behind the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. This is not the first time a journalist has met a terrorist, wanted internationally. But then the debate is about is Vaidik a journalist anymore. What really flummoxed us was how VPV managed to go to Pakistan with what is ingeniously called Track-2 in New Delhi. What was even more hilarious was that he was invited by Arnab Goswami to, as we say in India “come on national television” and share gyaan! Arnab sets the tone calling Vaidik’s meeting with Hafiz Saaed as rubbish. Vaidik seemed prepared to launch a high decibel attack and asked ‘junior journalist’ to ‘shut up’. He went on a rant calling Arnab immoral, inexperienced, and shameful and entertained the other panelists. Even Sanjay Jha of the Congress seemed lost for some time.  Goswami told VPV “If you don’t lower your voice, I will lower your volume.” Undeterred, VPV called the anchor a machine-gun and then Indians were treated to an enlightening conversation about being a hack, a hapless hack, a hopeless hack and a horrid hack.  At one point Arnab Goswami even said, “You should be arrested Mr Vaidik”. Vaidik then issues the ultimate threat- “If you can talk for one hour, I can talk for two hours.” Arnab says ‘keep quiet’ and defence analyst Maroof Raza pronounces, “Vaidik is senile.” So even as VPV was busy defending himself on TV, sometime during the day, Baba Ram Dev had found his way into the conversation in support of VPV, stating that it was an attempt by a well-meaning human being to melt the heart-strings of a terrorist who carries a US$10 million bounty on his head.  Talk about silly season!