The university had suspended ten students for "preventing officials from discharging their duties and verbal assault."

UoH officials defend raid suspension Hit back at students after facing flak
news Controversy Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 12:25

Facing flak for their crackdown on students, officials from the University of Hyderabad (UoH) addressed the media on Saturday, defending the move.

“The university is distressed that it is being dragged into a needless controversy after 10 students were suspended following an attack on, and serious acts of indiscipline against, faculty Wardens who were discharging their duties,” Vinod Pawarala, professor and official spokesperson of the university was quoted as saying.

UoH Pro Vice-Chancellor P Prakash Babu was also present.

The press meet was held days after the university suspended ten students for "preventing officials from discharging their duties and verbal assault."

The university officials were talking about an incident that took place on the night of November 3, when a hostel warden and deputy chief warden, along with security guards, raided the men’s Hostel-J in the university. The raid was conducted after a reported tip-off that a girl was staying at the hostel, which is against the guidelines of the administration.

Irked by the move, students gathered at the spot and accused the authorities of moral policing. The administration alleged that the students then turned off the lights and physically assaulted the officials.

“It was a very scary situation. Had it not been for the timely intervention of some students and police, the situation would have been different. Ten students, including the girl, have been suspended. Just one week before the second incident, the boy was issued show cause notice. This is the second time he was caught violating the hostel rules. Before rooms are allocated, an undertaking is taken from students and parents stating that they will abide by hostel rules including gender segregation,” Vinod added.

Days after the protest, UoH suspended 10 students. Three of them were suspended for two years and the rest for a period of six months.

“If students feel that the punishment is heavy, there are procedures. Let them appeal. There may be chances of the university considering it,” officials said.

Earlier this week, the administration authorized the Chief Security Officer to raid hostels at any given point of time, and videograph and photograph the events to ‘safeguard the interest of the university’.

The order also gives full authority to the Chief Security Officer to summon any student on suspicious grounds.

“Keeping in view the situation prevailing in the campus, the undersigned has authorized the Chief Security Officer to take photographs of the activities, videographing of the events, checking of ID cards, confiscation of banned substances, questioning the suspected activity, preventing the unauthorized entry, inspection of the hostel rooms/playgrounds/open areas of campus on suspicious grounds, unlawful activities and any other activity against the rules and regulations to safeguard the interest of the University,” the order states.

However, it has been unanimously rejected by the student community.

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