University student alleges her mother sexually assaulted her in childhood takes parents to court
news Friday, August 28, 2015 - 15:34

A student of Delhi University has taken her mother and father to court alleging that they sexually and physically assaulted her since childhood.

According to a report by Mail Today, the young woman has field cases against her parents under the Domestic Violence Act. At present, the court has asked her to explain how the DV act could hold the mother as the respondent. The court has asked her to furnish precedents for such a case.

The woman told Mail Today that her mother allegedly molested her and that both her parents would call up her friends or teachers and tell them to discourage her from participating in extra-curricular activities.

Indian law does not adequately address parental abuse of children. The Juvenile Justice Act is the main law that is meant for the protection and care of chidren. It is unclear whether the woman's complaints of abuse, if true, can be used to penalise the parents as an adult.