A former employee in Hyderabad was laid off after he complained that 30,000 of its staff were overworking and underpaying.

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news Controversy Monday, December 07, 2020 - 14:22

Union Labour and Employment Ministry have issued notice to the Telangana labour department asking them to examine the complaint against Amazon Development centre in Hyderabad. An operations manager with Amazon, Vijay Gopal was laid off after he filed a complaint accusing the billion-dollar corporation of overworking and underpaying its employees in India.

Vijay Gopal is also a consumer and human rights activist and had written to the Union Labour Commission after being terminated from service apprising them about his complaint against Amazon. In his email to the commission Vijay wrote, "My employer has terminated me from the services as I had highlighted their illegal working hours policies and overtime policies and how they are not tracking the hours by managerial employees,” wrote Vijay while adding that he was not given a reason, but was simply stated that Amazon did not need his services anymore. 

The activist told the Ministry that he was terminated, “ Purely for the fact that I had filed an official complaint against them with the office of the TS Labour Commissioner." Oer 30,000 Amazon employees are being underpaid due to the willful wrong wage calculation by Amazon, he alleged.

In response to his emails, the Union labour and Employment Ministry said the matter pertains to the State government of Telangana it “advised the petitioner to examine, take action when urgent or necessary to resolve disputes and inform the complainant accordingly under intimation to this Ministry,”