Nobody has a clue as to how the photoshoot happened

Unauthorised Viral photos and video of couple in Mysuru Palace have officials in a tizzy
Social Friday, May 27, 2016 - 20:59

What Rajinikanth could not do, this couple has managed with their photographs and video that have been catching eyeballs on social networking sites over the last few days.

At the Mysuru Palace, where permission was denied in 2014 for the shooting of Rajinikanth’s “Linga”, a couple, identified as Adithya and Navyatha have managed to shoot photos and a video in what looks like a pre-wedding photoshoot.

How and when the photoshoot took place inside the palace, where photography is strictly banned, is still not known.

There are photos of the couple posing near the kalyan mantap (marriage hall), durbar hall and other spots inside the palace.

“We have not given permission to anybody to shoot photographs inside the Palace. The Chief Secretary of the State, who is also the Chairperson of the Mysuru Palace Board, is the one who should technically be issuing the permission,” said Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Shikha.

“Even when permission is given for a photoshoot, it is only restricted to outside the palace. No photography can be done inside”, said the deputy commissioner.

“It has been done in a professional manner as there are many photographs and a video too,” she added.

Dayananda, the city police commissioner said that the police are clueless about this photoshoot.

“Nobody knows when this took place and the details of the couple are yet to be confirmed. We will know only when we go through the CCTV videos. We will take necessary action against the agency,” he said.

One of the questions confronting the police at the moment is how the various people involved in the shoot managed to bring camera’s into the Palace, since the south gate has elaborate security cover and the north gate is accessible only to the royal family.