Do you have an-udder pun too?

From udder card to Gaudhaar Twitter users have hilarious names for govts ID tags for cowsCourtesy: Gopal Aggarwal/Wikimedia Commons
Social Aadhaar Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 11:14

From ‘udder card’ to ‘Gaudhaar’, twitter is having a field day with Aadhaar-for-cow puns

Cows may soon get an Aadhaar-tag, and as soon as Twitter realised this wasn’t a joke - they decided to rectify that situation.

Because obviously, in a country where girls and women are trafficked on an everyday basis and forced into sex work and domestic labour, where farmers are committing suicide because of the drought in many parts of the country, where even cattle are dying because of lack of fodder and water, the biggest priority of the government should of course be making Aadhaar tags for cows.

While many decided that the correct name for such a unique identification tag MUST be Udder card (like duh!), others experimented with terms like ‘Cowdhaar’ and ‘Gaudhaar’.

Others meanwhile suggested others animals/insects/reptiles that government should plan Aadhaar for - you know, just in case.

(Translation: “There are six lizards at home, I’m thinking I should get Aadhaar done for them also.”)

Many though wondered how the cows were planning to use these Aadhaar cards - to start small scale businesses perhaps? Or may be to get voting rights?

Do you have an-udder pun then?

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