Many people came down harshly on Irani's response to the Bihar education minister

Twitters not-so-endearing response to Smriti Iranis outrage on being called Dear File photo
news Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 08:38

Smriti Irani is at it again as she made news on Tuesday for a Twitter war with Bihar's education minister, Ashok Choudhary.

Choudary took to Twitter to ask HRD minister about the new education policy and said this.

Irani, who is known for reacting sharply to criticism on Twitter, gave it back to Choudary and things soon escalated.

Twitter soon erupted as many people came down harshly on Irani's response.

The minister also recieved her fair share of support.

Speaking to the media later, Choudhary justified his tweet saying that the ‘dear’ was out of respect, and added “I don't know what she (Smriti Irani) found so offensive in 'Dear'. Don't think there is any kind of disrespect in this (word)…But I still apologise to Smriti Irani ji if I have hurt her feelings in any way.”