Twitter confirms it is working on a premium, paid version of the platform

Trump has enabled Twitter to get more eyeballs, and they want to cash in on that now.
Twitter confirms it is working on a premium, paid version of the platform
Twitter confirms it is working on a premium, paid version of the platform
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Popular social media site Twitter is seriously mulling over the option of introducing an elite version meant for professionals and other subscribers who would be willing to pay a small fee to enjoy some exclusive privileges and may be clutter free use of the site.

The idea might still be work in progress. Twitter had to issue a statement to the media through its spokesperson Brielle Villablanca probably following the posting of some screenshots of the Tweetdeck under construction by a New York Times journalist recently. The statement confirms that Twitter does have this plan, but right now it is only in the process of conducting a survey on this and would come out with the details in due course.

Trump has enabled Twitter gain more eyeballs

The last reported subscriber base was around 319 million, which is not small by any means, but the site has registered a poor growth in revenue in the 4th quarter of the year gone by and there is this necessity to rev up the revenues in 2017. In terms of the sheer popularity of the site, there has actually been an increased attention to Twitter following Donald Trump’s daily morning dose of tweets making news without fail. His tweets have attracted responses from both sides of the spectrum and have been the subjects of debates on mainstream media all through. So, this might perhaps be the right time for Twitter to think of something new and cash in on this attention it is getting from the public at large.

The Free Subscription to Continue

If one goes by the screenshot posted by the NYT associated writer, the new paid version could have "more powerful tools to help marketers, journalists, professionals, and others in our community find out what is happening in the world quicker". But there are sufficient indicators to suggest that the existing free subscription will continue and will not be disturbed. The company might take a cue from sites like LinkedIn, run by Microsoft on having a premium membership with more user-friendly features.

The Survey May Throw Up More Ideas

At the moment, Twitter confirms that a serious survey is on and once the feedback is received, the details may emerge and then the actual proposal will get released. The statement from the spokeswoman simply says, “We regularly conduct user research to gather feedback about people's Twitter experience and to better inform our product investment decisions, and we're exploring several ways to make Tweetdeck even more valuable for professionals."

So, depending on what your preferences are, you can carry on tweeting on your Twitter handle and read what others you are following are saying or switch to this new facility as and when it gets launched and enhance your experience on the social media channel. 

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