TRS MLA caught on camera abusing women farmers and intimidating journalist

The MLA is also seen repeatedly calling the journalist a ‘son of a b****h', as he threatens and intimidates him.
TRS MLA caught on camera abusing women farmers and intimidating journalist
TRS MLA caught on camera abusing women farmers and intimidating journalist
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Even as TRS supremo and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekar Rao is meeting with several political leaders to form a ‘Federal Front’ and bring ‘qualitative change’ in Indian politics, his own party’s lawmakers continue to behave like feudal landlords.

In an incident that was caught on camera, ruling party MLA Gampa Govardhan abused a woman farmer and also threatened a freelance photo journalist in a public programme on Friday.

The incident took place in Bhiknoor village of Kamareddy district, during an event to highlight Mission Kakatiya, the state’s popular irrigation scheme.

As the MLA visited their village, three women farmers tried to stage a sit-in on the village main road, through which the legislator would be passing.

The video shows the police seemingly threatening the women, with a voice heard saying, “Move aside or even your heads may be broken, mind it.”

As the video continues, the TRS MLA is seen approaching the agitated women, who request him to stop Mission Kakatiya works as it was affecting their farm land.

The legislator, clearly irked by the request, is heard saying, “Why should we stop the lake for you? If you have any problem, tell me, but don’t tell me what to do.”

As the women try to explain the matter, he says, “Listen, don't shout. Move aside…move away."

Another video of the incident which surfaced, shows the MLA threatening and intimidating a photojournalist, who was taking photos of the argument between the lawmaker and the farmers.

The video shows someone from the group point out that the journalist was taking photos, following which he was rounded up and questioned.

The MLA is seen repeatedly calling the journalist a ‘son of a b****h’ as he questions him on where he came from, and what he planned to do after taking photos.

"Which press are you from? Show your ID card,” the MLA asked, following which the journalist is seen showing the same.

The MLA, after seeing the ID card, is seen saying, "What is this Eenadu digital? Call your superior. Whose lake is this?”

The MLA said this even as his security personnel, including uniformed policemen were standing around him.

Pointing at the police as he lets of the reporter after thoroughly abusing him, the MLA says, “Take him. He is cheating. Put a case under Section 420 (of the IPC) against him.”

The videos that surfaced on social media have triggered outrage as many questioned the vulgar language used by a sitting legislator.

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