K Chandrasekhar Rao is all set to become the Chief Minister of Telangana for the second time as TRS is likely to win the elections by a large margin.

TRS chief KCR emerges triumphant Wins Gajwel second time in a row in Telangana
news Telangana 2018 Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 14:25

Incumbent Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is all set to take charge for a second term as he won from the state's Gajwel Assembly constituency by a margin of over 50,000 votes, defeating his main contender, Vanteru Pratap Reddy from the Congress. 

KCR was up against Vanteru Pratap Reddy, a local strongman who had defected to the Congress from the TDP and had been campaigning ever since the Assembly was dissolved on September 6, months before he was announced as a candidate.

Pratap, a long-time politician has worked his way up from the grassroots level and had been canvassing on the basis that he was a local and would be available to the public at all times in Gajwel itself.  

In 2014, despite being in the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), a party considered against the formation of Telangana, Vanteru got 34.48% of the vote share in Gajwel against the Chief Minister's 44.42%. Observers said that he had lost on the votes as former Gajwel MLA Narsa Reddy, who was with the Congress at the time, had upset his calculations and split the votes. 

However, while Narsa Reddy had joined the TRS in 2014, he had returned to the Congress’ fold ahead of the election and put his weight behind Pratap Reddy.

In 2014, KCR had won from Gajwel with 86,694 votes, while Vanteru Pratap Reddy secured 67,303 votes and Narsa Reddy ended up with just 34,085 votes.

Analysts also point to the history of the Gajwel Assembly constituency as since 1978, no sitting MLA in Gajwel has managed to retain their seat for two continuous terms.

With KCR's latest victory, it seems that the spell has continued.

Harish Rao’s campaigning

KCR, has never lost an election in his political career, except his first one in 1983, where he lost to his mentor Madan Mohan from the Congress.

In 2014, KCR had contested from two seats, Gajwel Assembly and the Medak Lok Sabha seat, while riding on the statehood wave. While he managed to win both the elections at the time, this time, KCR was adamant that he would only contest from Gajwel and prove to critics that he continues to enjoy the people's support. 

In fact, KCR barely even campaigned in his own constituency and instead left the task to his nephew and one his most trusted confidantes T Harish Rao. Harish, who was entrusted with the post of Irrigation Minister in the TRS regime was on a whirlwind tour of the constituency, campaigning for KCR.

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