The movie is set to feature high-octane stunt sequences and catchy punchlines, all delivered by the female lead, Trisha.

Trisha starrer Mohini will redefine mass movies promises director
Flix Kollywood Friday, January 19, 2018 - 13:50

We rarely get to see movies with well-fleshed out women characters, let alone movies with a woman protagonist.

However, in recent times, movies are trying to break out of this mould – Nayanthara’s recent success in Aram is one such example. Now, Trisha’s Mohini will soon join the ranks of women-centric movies.

Director Ramana Madhesh said that Mohini is all set to redefine what a mass-appeal movie is and will be a breath of fresh air for Tamil audiences.

The trailer shows the actor kicking couches, chasing cars, flinging daggers from atop waterfalls and even levitating mid-air towards the end. The movie hints at a number of high-octane stunt sequences that are usually performed by male leads in a film.

Ramana points out that “mass appeal” is no longer limited to just heroes. “The script we wrote would fit a heroine just as it would fit a hero. In fact, when I came up with the story, I did not intend for it to be led by a heroine. Things took shape when we asked ourselves, ‘Why not cast a woman lead?’” he says.

The director also adds that the film will be a potpourri of genres, bringing to the table a complete entertainer, packed with comedy, sentiment, action, science and, romance, along with a socially relevant message – all delivered in the form of a horror flick.

“The film will also address an important social issue. For years now, women have proved their mettle in every field. Heroism too is not just restricted to men. In Mohini, we’ve got a woman lead and the message is best delivered by a woman,” he says.

The production team has roped in the same crew that worked on the effects for the Harry Potter films. With underwater sequences and high-energy stunt sequences, Mohini has great scope for advanced VFX visuals. The team has also paid a lot of attention to the audio effects, working on a separate sound script.

“Trisha has scored well with her performance and with her brilliant on-screen transformations,” the director says.

Major portions of the film were shot in London; it also features a lot of outdoor sequences. The poster shows Trisha in a god-like avatar, wielding weapons with her multiple-hands and wearing a crown. “Unlike reincarnation and other such ideas, the film will introduce a new element called Epigenetics theory to the audience. It will prove to be informative on the whole,” says the director.