news Monday, July 06, 2015 - 05:30
  1. A Chennai resident has been given a compensation of Rs. 60,000 after a wrong HIV-positive report by a private hospital cost him his job. Declared HIV-positive by the Adyar-based hospital, he then later took a second test which showed him to be HIV-negative. It was following the first test that an international job offer with a Japanese firm was cancelled.  2. A head-on collision of two trains was avoided on Sunday morning near Tirupur, after a loco pilot noticed that both trains were on the same track. A failure of automatic signals, an error by the pointsman, let the Coimbatore-Chennai Intercity Express and the Hyderabad-Thiurvanthapuram Sabari Express onto the same track. 3. Days after Shameel Ahmed died following severe injuries during police detention, the woman whose disappearance triggered the Ambur clashes has been traced to a Chennai working women’s hostel. Missing from May 24, J Shamugha Sundaram reports, that the woman left her home after a tiff with her husband. The death of the man sparked of a mob clash in Ambur injuring a number of police personnel. 4. Chennai has broken the record and experienced its hottest July  in the last ten years. Though May has been comparatively cooler, the temperature levels crossed the 40 deg C mark thrice this month in the last week. The high temperatures are expected to continue in the coming days. 5. A security guard’s leg was injured after a large sliding gate at the Chennai Metro’s Koyambedu station fell on to him on Sunday evening. The incident occurred on a day that saw large crowds flock the Metro. Following his screams for help, he was given assistance and then admitted to the Kilpauk hospital for external injuries, reported P Ravikumar of the New Indian Express.