Many activists, who stood by her when she spoke of the rampant sexual harassment in Tollywood, have now disassociated themselves from her.

Tollywood sex racket Activists condemn Sri Reddys irresponsible comments
Flix Controversy Monday, June 25, 2018 - 19:39

Actor Sri Reddy’s comments on the Chicago sex racket has drawn much flak from women’s rights activists, many of whom have now disassociated themselves from her.

Sri Reddy, who has been credited with bringing the conversation about the rampant sexual harassment in the Telugu movie industry out in the open, has insinuated in her Facebook post that over 30 well-known women associated with the industry worked with the couple that headed the racket.

Kishan Modugumudi and Chandrakala were arrested by the US authorities in April for allegedly forcing actors to undertake sex work by luring them to the country under the pretext of cultural programmes organised there.

Sri Reddy's list, which features several prominent actors, is similar to the sensational allegations that she has been making for months now. The actor has not come forward with any evidence so far, but has been making several insinuations that are passed around on social media as the "truth". While a few celebrities from Tollywood have threatened to file defamation cases against her, Sri Reddy's latest act has drawn condemnation from even those who initially supported her.

Her comments come in the heels of the Telugu media facing a massive backlash over its reportage of the high-end sex racket.

“What Sri Reddy did is condemnable. We have been appealing to the media to not speculate on the victims and here she is, revealing names along with photographs,” said activist Sandhya.

“Though we consider her as a victim of this structural sexual exploitation in the industry, we cannot tolerate such behaviour. She has been working against our cause … Even when she abused Pawan Kalyan, we had asked her to desist from making such irresponsible comments. Our stand is to stop this naming and shaming campaign by revealing names of alleged victims, whether Sri Reddy does it or someone does it, we condemn them,” she added.

Activist and journalist Sajaya Kakarla too slammed the actor.

“This is very unfortunate. We do not want to associate with Sri Reddy in this particular act, where she has resorted to naming and shaming the alleged victims. We do not accept that, we condemn it. Whether it is Sri Reddy or any media outlet, anyone resorting to naming and shaming the alleged victims would be condemned," she said.

Sajaya added that Sri Reddy’s recent behaviour could be attributed to the trolling she has faced in the last few months. "We explained to her (Sri Reddy) about gender sensitivity, but she is paying no heed to us. I think she is in a phase where she has been subjected to so much trolling and so many threats that she is just venting out her frustration," she said.

Sri Reddy hit national news after her protest outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce in April against the unacknowledged ‘casting couch’ (a euphemism for sexual exploitation) culture.

The National Human Rights Commission taking notice of this, slammed the Movie Artists Association for denying her membership and also asked the state to investigate her allegations.

The NHRC further asked the state government if there was a mechanism in place to report sexual harassment against women in the Telugu film industry.


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