Conversations around cryptocurrencies are all around us, and they are poised to become an indispensable part of our life. But do you understand them enough? We want to help you do that.

TNM and Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange partner up to help you understand the world of Bitcoin and crypto
Bitcoin and Crypto Crypto Friday, October 01, 2021 - 13:58

It’s hard not to hear, read or watch something about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies now. It’s on the news, it’s part of popular TV shows, and your best friends and colleagues are investing in it or talking about it. It is also something which intimidates people, because of the perception that it is hard to understand. But as cryptocurrencies become a mature and high-return investment option, no one should be left behind. 

And that’s why, Giottus, India’s top-rated crypto exchange, is partnering with The News Minute to educate you about this ecosystem and answer some of your questions regarding anything crypto.

India has adapted to new technologies very well, be it the internet boom of 1990s, the telecom boom of 2000s or the ecommerce boom of 2010s. Over time, all these technologies have grown multi-fold and have become a part of everyday lives. Cryptocurrencies have arrived now, and the 2020s will be the decade of crypto. 

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology, is already creating waves in the traditional financial system. This technology enables the removal of middlemen from most transactions and is set to become a strongly used standard in near future. The time is now right to become an early adopter of Bitcoin – the growth potential is tremendous as an asset.

In every generation, a new asset class emerges that drives financial growth for investors who believed in it early. In the 1960s-70s, gold was the strongest asset. We saw stocks, real estate and various bank products become accessible in the 1990-2000s. In 2020s, cryptocurrencies are all set to emerge as an accessible investment class for the average Indian investor. This is also the first time ever that an Indian investors can invest in a global revolution early and with the same ease as a person in the US or Europe would.

But we recognise that while it is easy to ask people to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it can be confusing for Indian investors to actually do it. We are here to help you with that. To give you the help you need to become a crypto investor, we will publish one article a day covering news and analysis from the world of cryptocurrencies, and give a modest guidance and outlook for the immediate future. 

First, you need to get familiar with cryptocurrencies, understand how things work. And if you decide to take the plunge, we will tell you the do’s and don’ts.

All the articles as a part of this partnership will be published on TNM’s latest section, Bitcoin and Crypto. Follow our stories on our social feeds and the section page. Also, on the section page you will also see Crypto Watch, a live feed on how various cryptocurrencies are performing.

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Crypto-asset or cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks such as volatility and have no guaranteed returns. Please do your own research before investing and seek independent legal/financial advice if you are unsure about the investments.

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