Flix Thursday, July 02, 2015 - 05:30
¬† The Editorial management of The New Indian Express, headquartered in Chennai, seems to be through a sea of change. On July 1, the newspaper carried an announcement on the front-page that GS Vasu, who was until now Resident Editor, Hyderabad has been appointed as the Editor of daily. Significantly, the imprint of the newspaper, the section at the bottom of the editorial page which lists out names of the publisher and the editorial and management decision-makers, did not carry the name of Prabhu Chawla as the Editorial Director. On Wednesday, the day GS Vasu was announced as the Editor, the imprint carried the names of Prabhu Chawla as the Editorial Director and V Sudarshan as the Executive Editor. On Thursday however, the imprint carried the names of Manoj Kumar Sonthalia as the Chairman of the Board and GS Vasu as the editor. ¬† Prabhu Chawla says that he still is the Editorial Director and has not quit. Sources in the newspaper say that the decision to drop Chawla‚Äôs name was conveyed to select-few on the Editorial team, and only on Wednesday evening. Prabhu Chawla however was dismissive and told The News Minute, "It is not just my name which has been taken off, even Executive Editor V Sudarshan's name is not there. The paper did not have an Editor, and now we have a person in that full-time role so his name will appear. If a person in the organization was doing well, we have to encourage him. So GS Vasu has been appointed the Editor‚ÄĚ. He further added, "Look at the website, my name is still there. I am still the Editorial Director." The source in NIE said that the change may have been a result of discord between the owner of the newspaper Manoj Sonthalia and Prabhu Chawla. Another senior person in the editorial said that even on Wednesday it was Prabhu Chawla who decided the contents on the editorial change and they were unsure if his role would change. Prabhu Chawla was recently in the news after India Today reported that he was one amongst many influential people who deposed on behalf of Lalit Modi for his immigration request. Picture of Chawla's Seedhi Baat with Modi "People can say what they want, but this has nothing to do with the Lalit Modi controversy. This decision was taken long before the news reports emerged. Don't link this with that issue," said Prabhu Chawla. Sources in NIE maintain that the decision to remove Chawla‚Äôs name from the imprint may have had little or nothing to do with Lalit Modi controversy, but there is a strong buzz that another cricket czar is upset at Chawla and could have exerted pressure on the NIE management. ¬†