TN woman begs pardon for husband on death row from victim’s family in Kerala

Malathy’s husband Arjun killed Noufal during an argument in 2013, and will be executed in 10 days if Noufal’s family doesn’t pardon him.
TN woman begs pardon for husband on death row from victim’s family in Kerala
TN woman begs pardon for husband on death row from victim’s family in Kerala
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It seems almost exactly like a real-life replay of the award-winning Malayalam film Perumazhakkalam – a man’s life is depending on whether his wife can convince the family of the man he murdered to pardon him.

In the 2004 film, Rasiya (played by Meera Jasmine) comes to Ganga (Kavya Madhavan) to beg for her pardon, so that Rasiya’s husband can be acquitted by a Dubai court for accidentally murdering Ganga’s husband.

Just such a scenario is playing out in Perinthalmanna in Malappuram, as 37-year-old Malathy from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu came on Wednesday in search of the family of Noufal*.

Malathy’s husband Arjun is on death row for killing Noufal*, and Malathy is seeking the only thing that can save Arjun’s life – Noufal’s family’s pardon. If Malathy cannot secure this within 10 days, Arjun stands to be executed.  

Back in 2013, Arjun and Noufal were sharing a room in Kuwait. According to Malathy, a fight erupted between them one day, and Arjun accidentally stabbed Noufal. Arjun was arrested in 2013, and has been behind bars for the last four years. A year ago, he was awarded a death sentence.

However, according to Sharia law, if a close relative of the victim – such as the wife or mother – pardons the convict, he can be acquitted of his crime.

Ever since the sentence was awarded Arjun’s family has been making various overtures to Noufal’s family, but in vain. With time running out, Malathy has now come to Perinthalmanna for a final, desperate effort to beg Noufal’s family for her husband’s life.

However, it is a dire situation for both families.

With Noufal having been the sole breadwinner of his family, they have asked for compensation of Rs 30 lakh to sign the pardon form.

Malathy, however, says she has no way to raise so much money. She says that she is even willing to sell her small house, which might help her secure Rs 10 lakh. But she still has no way to raise the remaining amount.

“I requested the family to forgive my Kanavar. I know that the money they ask will not compensate for a life, but I don’t know how I will manage. He (Arjun) will be hanged to death in 10 days. I request your help to save my husband,” Malathy told mediapersons on Wednesday.

“We are in a big trouble. We have no way to move forward. At least for the sake of my daughter, I am begging for his life,” she said.

On the other hand, Noufal’s wife and his 13-year-old daughter do not even own the house they live in. And with Noufal’s wife not having any paid employment, they depend on Noufal’s relatives to support them, and struggle to ensure their basic necessities.

Noufal* - name changed

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